Friday, 26 June 2015

Term 2

Term 2 in Grade 1 has again been action-packed with loads of fun, learning and team building activities. Of particular note have been our Literacy Rotations. We combined both classes, four mornings per week, to do doing Literacy Rotations. The rotations provided a range of literature tasks, which further developed student’s reading, spelling and writing skills. Thank-you to all those parents who have given time to assist in the classroom. We hope you have enjoyed working both alongside your child, but also learning more about our class program.

On Wednesday 20th May, our Learning Pals afternoon came to life! Parents were invited to join their children in our open Learning Pals session. Parents had the opportunity to meet their child’s Year 6 Learning Pal and participate in some maths games. 

Kerrimuir Primary School’s Open Night occurred on the night of Wednesday 20th May. The grade 1s had been practising their performance over a number of weeks. On the night, we performed a Doubles Rap and a dance - Dinosaur Stomp. It was a noisy but enjoyable performance. Back in our classrooms, the students became the teachers and taught parents, grandparents and siblings some of the Maths games we have been playing in class.

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