Friday, 23 October 2015

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 3

Activity 1 - Write a post about a favourite time with your family

On the school holidays my mum and dad spent time with me and we went ice-skating. I had fun with my family.

On my birthday I spent a lot of time with my family. I had a lot of fun because I had my family there. It was the best birthday ever!

On the holidays I spent time with my family on Christmas and in the morning we got pancakes for breakfast. After breakfast me and my brother played on the Wii until lunchtime and for lunch we went out to the city and went to a Mexican restaurant. I had a taco and some habanero hot sauce.

Hi, my name is Kota. A fun time I had with my mum was in the holidays.

A special occasion with my family was when I went to Phillip Island because I saw a penguin.

I went to the swimming pool with my family and it was fun.

Hi, my name is Nyaweu and I will be talking about my favourite time with my family. It was when I went to Aquarena because I got squirted in the mouth, it did not taste good. So I squirted my brother back because he squirted me! Thank-you for looking at our blog.

Hello, my name is Inara and today I will be talking about my favourite family outing. It was when I had a birthday at 'Bounce'. The reason it was my best is because everyone had so much fun! At my party we bounced until five. We ended up exhausted. On the birthday cake there was a giraffe candle and it was a vanilla cake. It was delicious.  Thank-you for looking at out blog!

On the school holidays I went to Queensland with my family. At Queensland my family and I went to Movie World. I saw Batman!

On the school holidays my sister and I had fun with my sister's friend Chloe. We went to dinner at Sofia's and saw Chloe's mum and sister. Chloe and my sister Pearl shared a pizza and I had fish & chips.

Hello, my name is Spencer. A favourite time I had with my family was when I went to Sea Life because I got to touch a star fish. Sea Life is like an Aquarium but the different thing is you can touch the sea creatures.

My favourite time to spend with my family was when my family went to Sydney last year because I wanted to go to Luna Park. My brother and I slept in the same room.

Hi, my name is Bailey. I went to London for my Granddad's wedding. I was the page boy. It was a great day.

I had fun with my mum at the Mother's Day Breakfast. The school made a Mother's Day Breakfast for our mums. I liked it.

A favourite time with my family was when I went to Uluru. I stayed at number two seven seven. We went there because we wanted to see the big rock and it was a really big rock. We walked half way around it!

One of my favourite times is when I went to my Grandma's beach house in Mornington. We went there for Christmas. I got lots of presents. I like going to Mornington because I like to spend time with my family.

Hello, my name is Kelly. Today I am going to talk about the holidays. On the holidays I went ice-skating with my whole family. I can skate and I can spin. After that I went home to eat dinner.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Student Blogging Challenge - Week 1

Activity 2 - Create an Avatar & Activity 3 - About Us

Hello, my name is Nyaweu and I like karate and I am seven. Hi my name is Inara. I like judo, basketball, swimming and gymnastics. I am also seven years old. We are friends. My favourite fruit is mango and Inara's favourite fruit is grapefruit and grapes. We are both in grade 1 and we are both girls. Inara's favourite colour is blue and Nyaweu's favourite colour is green.
Thank-you for looking at our blog! :)

Hi, I am Lucas and my partner is Bailey. I was born in Canada and Bailey was born in Melbourne. We are both boys. We both love Mario Cart. Bailey's favourite sport is soccer and my favourite sport is basketball. Bailey's favourite fruit is mango and my favourite fruit is apple. My favourite book is 'Who What Wear Pants' and Bailey's favourite book is 'Zombie Halloween'. My favourite colour is aqua and Bailey's favourite colour is blue. We both go to Kerrimuir Primary School.

 Hello I am Holly. I am 7 years old and my partner's name is Tiffany. She is 7 years old too. Holly likes to do sports and Tiffany likes to play at the park. Both of our favourite foods are noodles and apples. We both like playing with friends at play time. Tiffany's favourite sport is running races. Holly's favourite sports is athletics. We both are in 1A. Tiffany's favourite book is 'Frozen'. Holly's favourite books are non-fiction books.

Hello my name is Emily. My favourite colour is pink. Hello my name is Astryd. I like dragons. Emily likes strawberries and bananas. I like watermelon and apples. We are in grade 1. Astryd likes corn and Emily likes carrot. We are friends.

Hello I'm Lucy. I am six years old and my favourite thing to do is draw. Hello I'm Joshua, I am seven years old and my favourite thing to do is play Skylander Superchargers. My favourite food is Subway. Lucy's favourite fruit is blueberry and her favourite book is 'Time for Bed' and 'Lucy the Lamb'. Back to Joshua. My best friends are Bailey and Kieran. Back to Lucy. My best friend is Kelly.

I am Jessica, I like basketball and fruit. I am Summer and I like fruit. I go for the Hawks and my partner Jessica goes for Collingwood. We like 'Frozen'. We like playing on the iPads. We also like to colour-in and eat ice-cream.

I am Kota and I'm six years old. My favourite team is Hawthorn. Hi, I'm Charlie and I'm seven years old. My favourite sport is soccer, football and cricket. I go for Hawthorn. Their stripes are brown and yellow. The quiet things I like to do are draw, read and write.

Hi, I am James and I am six. Hello my name is Kelly and my favourite colour is blue. I am James and my favourite colour is orange. Kelly's favourite fruit is strawberry and James' favourite fruit is pineapple. James likes craft and Kelly likes to draw.

Hi, my name is Spencer and I am in Grade one. I am good at soccer and basketball. My football team is Hawthorn. I am seven. My partner's name is Will. Hi, my name is Will. My favourite sport is Soccer, favourite fruit is blueberry. Back to Spencer. I'm Spencer as you already know. My favourite colour is green and my favourite food is pumpkin soup. Back to Will. As you already know I am Will. My favourite colour is blue.

Friday, 26 June 2015

Term 2

Term 2 in Grade 1 has again been action-packed with loads of fun, learning and team building activities. Of particular note have been our Literacy Rotations. We combined both classes, four mornings per week, to do doing Literacy Rotations. The rotations provided a range of literature tasks, which further developed student’s reading, spelling and writing skills. Thank-you to all those parents who have given time to assist in the classroom. We hope you have enjoyed working both alongside your child, but also learning more about our class program.

On Wednesday 20th May, our Learning Pals afternoon came to life! Parents were invited to join their children in our open Learning Pals session. Parents had the opportunity to meet their child’s Year 6 Learning Pal and participate in some maths games. 

Kerrimuir Primary School’s Open Night occurred on the night of Wednesday 20th May. The grade 1s had been practising their performance over a number of weeks. On the night, we performed a Doubles Rap and a dance - Dinosaur Stomp. It was a noisy but enjoyable performance. Back in our classrooms, the students became the teachers and taught parents, grandparents and siblings some of the Maths games we have been playing in class.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Mother's Day Breakfast

On Monday 11th May, the first Mother’s Day Breakfast was held in the multi-purpose room. There were pancakes, with nearly every topping you could wish for, including ice-cream! It was a special day to celebrate and thank mum for all that she does for us throughout the year.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Fireman Visit

Today, we were also lucky enough to have a visit from a member of the Fire Brigade. Thanks to Ruby E. for inviting her uncle to come and speak to us. He talked about things that the fire brigade do to help the community on top of putting out fires and how quickly they have to get dressed when the fire alarm goes off at the station. He explained that their uniforms are always set-up ready to go at a moments notice. The uniforms are big and heavy to help protect them in the event of a serious fire. Students didn’t get dress up as junior fire brigade members because the uniforms are so heavy. Instead, Miss Harris got to dress-up as a fireman!

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Police Visit

Yesterday, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Rebecca, a police officer and Vince and Graeme, from Neighbourhood Watch. They spoke to us about Neighbourhood Watch and the numerous roles that the police undertake to help us in the community. The highlight was seeing 38 junior police officers, dressed-up in uniform, on the basketball court. Each of us had to take the salute then climb into the police car, checking out the equipment and giving police commands. We also got to hear the siren!

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Tennis Clinic

On Tuesday 17th and Tuesday 24th February, the Grade 1s attended a Tennis Clinic, held at school. 

Both grades started off by playing some games and then they did some hand-eye coordination skills by balancing a tennis ball on different parts of the racquet.

They then learnt how to do a volley and a forehand and were able to practice hitting the ball over the net.

The sessions were enjoyed by both grades!